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Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide Environment on the Serviceability of Structural Materials for Oil and Gas Equipment

[ Vol. 4 , Issue. 1 ]


Myroslav Khoma and Halyna Chumalo   Pages 1 - 4 ( 4 )


The influence of hydrogen sulfide environment on corrosion - hydrogen - mechanical damage of structural materials was considered. The main regularities of 20 steel hydrogenation were analyzed. The blistering of 20 steel exposed to NACE solution was studied and duration of the blistering tests was defined.

It is shown that loads applied to the hydrogenated metal allow the identification of places of hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) at the structural level.

Hydrogen sulfide environment significantly changes the plasticity of structural materials. To establish the pipe steels properties degradation in hydrogen sulfide environments it is worth determining the change in the plastic properties, in particular the relative narrowing (ψ), since this characteristic is more variable and more informative because it assesses the resistance to metal deformation in the most weakened local cross-section, whereas the definition of δ takes into account the behavior of the deformable working part over its entire length.


Corrosion rate, degradation, hydrogen sulfide, pipe steel.


Karpenko Physico- Mechanical institute of NAS of Ukraine, 5, Naukova str, 79060, Lviv, Ukraine.

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